Outstanding Electric Vehicle Technology Innovation of the Year
TomTom TomTom EV Suite: a toolkit to address Range Anxiety

The EV Suite is a toolkit of APIs that developers can use to develop web and mobile applications, navigation solutions, or fleet management systems for Electric Vehicles. It includes algorithms that are designed to address "range anxiety" and support innovative electric mobility applications: accurate, traffic enabled reachable range calculations; a EV Charging Stations finder with real time availability and detailed information (payment, plug types); and EV Routing which can save up to 15% battery on a single trip and tell the driver the most optimal time and place to stop for charging. These algorithms are exclusive to TomTom, no other location technology provider offers such services around Electric Mobility. Yet, they are open to all: any developer or company, large and small, can access them and use them via the TomTom Developer Portal. Only an email address is required to get started. With this EV Suite, TomTom is helping developers, car manufacturers, operators of electric shared fleets to develop innovative services addressing Range Anxiety. More information can be found on

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Fleets (and Retail) Innovation of the Year
Ridecell Intelligent Cloud platform

Rather than simply helping our customers launch a service, Ridecell provides the tools, services, and operations cloud needed to build a profitable, sustainable business. Our Intelligent Cloud platform brings together big data, machine learning, advanced analytics, automation, and intelligent apps to boost both fleet productivity and service quality. The result? The highest levels of operations efficiency, fleet utilization, and customer satisfaction in the category. It’s for this reason that some of the biggest names in the automotive and autonomous driving industries have turned to Ridecell to power their shared mobility services. Founded in 2009, today Ridecell powers a full range of mobility services in cities across Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific. These services include ReachNow, mobility service from the BMW Group; ZITY from Ferrovial and Groupe Renault; Gig Car Share from AAA; and Karma Mobility Experiences from Karma Automotive. Ridecell is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with more than 150 employees in offices across the globe. Future Mobility Champion of the Year

NOMINEES Seferlabs Bil. Tek. Dan. ve Yaz. A.S, Carfit, Grid Smarter Cities, Tomorrow's Journey, Safemode, Enroute, JungleWorks, RDM Group; Milton Keynes Council; WMG, University of Warwick, Fleetonomy, Try EV

Future Mobility Champion of the Year
George Economides CAV Team leader Oxfordshire County Council

George now manages OCC's input into 8 CAV projects and has built up one of if not the largest CAV team in local government. However he has worked across the sector and has been key in developing our Future mobility approach from EV, V2G, use of Drones, Network Management and data and predictive analytics to name a few, including leading our recent GovTech challenge fund bid for Future Mobility and network management. George has been a Lynchpin in building collaborations for new projects and has had a remarkable success rate to date, often working way beyond the call of duty to make sure applications for funding are of a high quality or projects are delivered. George has also been key to developing our approach to Innovation services for the Council and developing strategies for knowledge exchange and a more commercial approach to scheme development, while maintaining that important deliverable of positive Social Impact. Oxfordshire is now a leader in Future Mobility in the UK this has developed over the last 5 years, George's input has ramped up that progress and been key to now having one of, if not, the largest Innovation service in local government powered primarily by external funding and cross sector collaborations. The council now has numerous MOUs with organisations developed by George that is continuing our progress in the Future Mobility sector and allowing us to explore with Industry how we positions the Council to ensure maximum positive impact for our communities. George will be key to OCC developing our next phase of Future Mobility and we just hope we can satisfy his enthusiasm and ambition to deliver major positive change in the sector.

NOMINEES Daniel Ruiz, Richard Barlow / wejo, Gavan Walsh iCabbi, Hans Arby, Zeina Nazer, Dan Hubert, Transport for West Midlands - Mike Waters, Alex Lawrence-Berkeley

Best Transportation-as-a-Service (TaaS) Project Award
AppyParking AppyParking - Best TaaS Project Award

Every day, local authorities across the UK are faced with a thankless exercise. They try to balance the expectations of their constituents with the reality of delivering core services amidst a period of austerity, limited resources and sweeping societal change. Parking remains a highly fractious topic as it often represents a significant income stream for authorities, but the experiences that local residents, businesses and visitors have when parking is often very poor, characterised by having difficulty locating a space, understanding local on-street restrictions and rigid tariff structures that don’t reflect how people need to park. Struggling urban centres and high streets often quote parking as a significant challenge, with the stress associated with finding and paying for parking ranked as a key motivator for people avoiding local shops and instead relying more heavily on home delivery or heading to retail parks. We believe in a positive vision for parking, one that not only transforms experiences for motorists but also provides the digital infrastructure and insight for authorities to optimise their assets. With an integrated approach, that considers the needs of both user groups, a win-win scenario is possible and that’s what we call our Smart City Parking solution. The Solution In Harrogate, the AppyParking team encountered two local authorities, Harrogate Borough Council (HBC) and North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC), determined to improve the parking experiences for local residents, businesses and visitors as part of their wider economic investment strategy. Our Smart City Parking solution is specifically designed to best serve the needs of those who need to park whilst providing a powerful kerbside utilisation tool for both local authorities to better manage and optimise their assets. The project required close collaboration with two authorities, with Harrogate Borough Council responsible for the operation of off-street parking and North Yorkshire County Council being the Highways Authority and responsible for the provision of on-street parking. The solution, launched publicly in January 2019 is a global first, and involved the installation of 2,156 smart sensors and the consolidation of digitised parking data, parking sensors, parking payments, ANPR barriers and linear pricing into a single solution for the two authorities that enabled a totally seamless experience for users of our mobile app. The user experience for drivers is game-changing, allowing them to find available on-street or off-street parking with real-time availability and start and pay for parking sessions that end automatically when they drive away with a single click – something we call One Click Parking™. We also accomplished an entirely frictionless experience for drivers when using the pay-on-foot barrier car parks. The local authorities are now able to see how their assets are consumed through our web-hosted analytics platform which exposes parking utilisation data for all on and off-street parking spaces thanks to our smart parking sensors. The Benefits A number of significant benefits for both the people who need to park, and the local authorities were uncovered as part of our Smart City Parking solution: Motorists can… • Save time looking for a parking space thanks to real-time availability in the app • Avoid the inconvenience of carrying coins to use a pay and display machine • Save money by only paying for the time they are parked • Enjoy doing whatever they are in Harrogate to do without worrying about getting back to their car before their ticket expires • Help reduce the congestion caused by searching for parking Authorities… • Get powerful utilisation and revenue reporting to better understand how their assets perform • Will be empowered to make data-informed decisions on future parking rates and policy • Have improved the experiences for people wishing to park centrally in Harrogate, removing the stress associated with parking and encouraging greater local footfall • Will be able to drive enforcement efficiencies thanks to real-time utilisation data • Can consider how parking policy can be changed to address congestion and traffic flow

NOMINEES Open Motors, Automotive Grade Linux, CAT Driver Training Ltd, Jugnoo

New Mobility Infrastructure Project of the Year
Alibaba Cloud ET City Brain Lead Solution Architect and Technology Evangelist at Alibaba Cloud EMEA

Alibaba ET City Brain has been deployed over 10 cities/areas in pan-Asia including Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Macau and Kuala Lumpur and help these cities increase its traffic efficiency in the past two years. Rather than the usual V2I approach installing more roadsides sensors, ET City Brain uses the data fusion way to utilize the current multiple data source at much, such as roadsides cameras, electric loop, radar, GPS data from public transportation vehicle and Internet traffic data. It takes advantage of each data source and offers high accuracy, stable and predictive traffic condition measures at seconds-updating-level. Further, ET City Brain could find out the inappropriate intersection traffic signal timing, then apply the real-time city-level-coordination optimization. In Hangzhou, all the highway ramps traffic lights are controlled by AI algorithm, which decreases 7mins travel time. In the case of medical emergencies, ET City Brain is able to change traffic lights so emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire trucks can head to the scene without interruption, accelerating their arrival time by 49%. Also, ET City Brain provides traffic event detection by back-end visual computing way which is compatible with any camera resolution and is easy to extend more detection algorithms. The events would be notified to the nearest traffic police and push to internet navigator automatically. The efficiency of incident management increased ten times in Hangzhou than before. ET City Brain enables instant information exchange between citizens and government administrators. At present, an accident is reported from Map Services can reach the command center of traffic police in two minutes. On the other hand, the traffic conditions information from the traffic police command center will also be transmitted to citizens through Map Services, Traffic guidance screen and broadcasting. Cloud technology, along with AI, ensured the scalability and elasticity of the solution as part of the new traffic infrastructure.

NOMINEES AppyParking, Discoperi, Hello Lamp Post, Moshon Data Ltd

Outstanding New Mobility Company or Organization of the Year
Renovo Renovo's AWare platform

Here’s the forgotten problem in the autonomous vehicle industry: data. If you have a fleet of 2000 autonomous vehicles going around in one day, it'll generate as much data as Facebook does globally. The AWare platform consists of two parts - Vehicle Systems and Data Systems. AWare Vehicle Systems is the first automotive-grade framework for fully autonomous vehicles, enabling the reliable building and deployment of software to fleets of vehicles, anywhere in the world. AWare Data Systems is the world’s first scaleable vehicle data management solution that allows large fleet operators proven and reliable access to mission-critical data on the vehicle, on the edge and in the cloud. By working together, these two systems provide a comprehensive, scalable and reliable software platform for autonomous vehicles. Renovo combines Silicon Valley agility with proven automotive capabilities in a singular commitment to transform the way we move people and things.

NOMINEES Automotive Grade Linux, Connected Places Catapult, Conigital Group, Vulog, FMS Future Mobility Solutions GmbH, SkedGo, Immense Simulations Limited, Ottopia, Splyt, Better World, SHOTL, Iomob Technology Services, Trafi + BVG, Scoot Networks, GreenMobility, Ecoservice

Outstanding Autonomous Vehicle Technology Innovation of the Year
Latent Logic Realistic AI-based human behaviour models

Latent Logic builds realistic AI-based human behaviour models to replicate how motorists, cyclists and pedestrians behave in order to test the ability of autonomous vehicles (AVs) to interact safely with human road users. It is part of an Innovate UK-backed project, OmniCAV, that is developing safety testing and certification simulations for self-driving cars, as well as VeriCAV, which is developing an integrated platform to allow such testing. Thanks to its world-first technology proposition, the company is central to the roll-out of roadworthy self-driving cars in the UK and influencing regulation in the industry on a global level. Latent Logic's world-class expertise ensures the efficient development and testing of self-driving cars through simulation, with two stages to the learning process: extraction of behaviours from raw data, and learning to imitate those behaviours. Computer Vision detects road users and tracks their motion. Imitation Learning, also known as Learning from Demonstration, then learns to create new, artificial behaviours which are indistinguishable from the ones used as the demonstration input, meaning our virtual humans are completely realistic. Latent Logic virtual humans are integrated with its customers’ preferred simulator via a standard API.

NOMINEES Jungo Connectivity Ltd, NVIDIA, Motor AI, Intercept IP Group

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