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The TaaS Technology team are currently shortlisting the speakers to invite for the 2019 conference. To view the 2018 event details, click here.

The presentations will be based around our key topics which collectively provide complete coverage of the CAVs & Future Mobility industry. If you are interested in speaking, please contact or call +44 (0)24 76718970

Speakers Include

Speaker TBC
Natalie Sauber
Safa Alkateb
Catherine Faiers
Sarah Barnes
Andrew Grant
Mike Dempsey
Seth Elliot
Boyd Cohen
Edwin Kemp
Alan Clarke
Mark Thomas
Tomaso Grossi
Fred Jones
Clare Jones

Panel: Do Autonomous Vehicles need 5G?

Andrew Grant
Bloomberg NEF

Additional panel speakers to be confirmed.


Presentation title TBC - Cube Intelligence

Speaker TBC -

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Presentation title TBC - Arcadis

Natalie Sauber - Arcadis

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Does the consumer have an appetite for autonomy?

Catherine Faiers - Auto Trader

Autonomous technology is now a reality in almost all new vehicles and, whether you believe it will be in 5, 10, 15 or more years, the fully autonomous car will one day be on our streets. But whilst engineers continue to pioneer this tech, the question remains as to what the consumer makes of this technology. In this session Auto Trader will present the findings from its study into the consumer attitudes towards automated vehicle systems. Data on consumer awareness and attitudes towards on the road ADAS are revealed along with what consumers want to see from future systems to help map out future developments. Consumer perceptions of autonomous vehicles will also be discussed along with how and where consumers would like to see such vehicles in the future.    

Presentation title TBC - Autocab

Safa Alkateb - Autocab

Awaiting abstract.

Presentation title TBC - Beryl

Sarah Barnes - Beryl

Awaiting abstract.

Sensor models enabling autonomous vehicles to perceive the road ahead more clearly

Mike Dempsey - Claytex

The artificial intelligence (AI) in an AV learns by experience, so must be exposed to many thousands of possible scenarios in order to develop the correct responses. It would be unsafe and impractical to achieve this only through physical testing at a proving ground because of the timescales required. Instead a process of virtual testing in a simulated environment offers the scope to test many more interactions, more quickly and repeatably, before an AV is used on the public highway.

The challenge has been to ensure that virtual testing is truly representative, and that the AV will respond the same on the road as it did in simulation. Just as a driving simulator must immerse the driver in a convincing virtual reality, the sensor models used to test an AV must accurately reproduce the signals communicated by real sensors in real situations.

The presentation will cover the development of a suite of generic, ideal sensor models for radar, LiDAR and ultrasound sensors, using software from rFpro that has developed solutions for a number of technical limitations that have constrained sensor modelling until now, including new approaches to rendering, beam divergence, sensor motion and camera lens distortion.

Presentation title TBC - free2move

Seth Elliot - free2move

Awaiting abstract.

From Mobility as a Service to Internet of Mobility

Boyd Cohen - iomob

In this talk, Dr. Cohen will explore how blockchain tech will enable an open, decentralized mobility marketplace to emerge in cities around the globe. Instead of proprietary closed software and closed networks, iomob is building an open mobility aggregation platform to allow any legal mobility and micro mobility service provider to be part of a seamless user experience from discovery through booking and payment.

Presentation title TBC - KPMG

Edwin Kemp - KPMG

Awaiting abstract.

Presentation Title TBC - LimeBike

Alan Clarke - LimeBike

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Presentation title TBC - Ridecell

Mark Thomas - Ridecell

Awaiting abstract.

Mapping the Road to Autonomous Driving

Tomaso Grossi - TomTom

Awaiting abstract.

Replacing your car with your phone

Fred Jones - Uber

Awaiting abstract.

Presentation title - TBC what3words

Clare Jones - What3words

Awaiting abstract.

 Program Advisory Board

Andrew Grant
Bloomberg NEF

James Carter
Vision Mobility

John McCarthy

Mark Thomas

Nathan Marsh

Nic Cary

Paul Jennings
WMG (University of Warwick)

Richard Harris
HMI Technologies

Please Note: TaaS Technology reserves the right to make any necessary changes to this agenda. Every effort will be made to keep presentations and speakers as represented. However, unforeseen circumstances may result in the substitution of a presentation topic or speaker. TaaS Technology reserves the right to use photographs of any attendee for future promotions.

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