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The TaaS Technology team are currently shortlisting the speakers to invite for the 2019 conference. To view the 2018 event details, click here.

The presentations will be based around our key topics which collectively provide complete coverage of the EVs, Battery/Energy and Infrastructure industries. If you are interested in speaking, please contact or call +44 (0)24 76718970

Speakers Include

Ian Plummer
Matthias Wellers
Roy Williamson
David Martell
Bob Moran
Michael Potter
Celine Cluzel
Anders Wall
John Hewitt
Alex Collet
Christoph Domke
Kevin Leary
Louis Debatte-Monroy
Knut Hechtfischer


The consumer’s journey down electric avenue

Ian Plummer - Auto Trader

Using data from the UK’s largest new and used car marketplace; this session analyses current EV uptake in the UK to assess the current state of the EV market. The session will also dissect consumer’s anxiety around EVs e.g. range anxiety, upfront costs to enable the industry and government to implement strategies to better allay consumer apprehension and, in turn, increasing demand and expediting the development and deployment of EVs.

Presentation Title TBC - AVL

Matthias Wellers - AVL


Ultra-fast charging facilitating uptake of Electric Vehicles

Roy Williamson - BP

50% of UK drivers do not currently have access to home charging. Vehicle utilisation rates to increase with new mobility solutions, many electric. In order to support the adoption of EVs we will need to provide a network of convenient and safe ultra-fast charging that allows drivers to charge quickly - ideally in 10 minutes or so. We believe that a network of ultra-fast charging points on forecourts and new hubs will provide the most cost-effective solution for the economy. The grid will require additional investment to support ultra-fast charging which could reduce grid infrastructure burden (compared to upgrading power to every home). Making ultra-fast charging a reality will require strong and committed partnerships among industry, regulators, researchers and governments.

Meeting the charging demand – at home, at work and on the road

David Martell - Chargemasters

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Powering our future mobility

Bob Moran - Department for Transport (DfT)

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Presentation Title TBC - DriveElectric

Michael Potter - DriveElectric

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Mobility trends in Europe – opportunities for new products & services

Celine Cluzel - Element Energy

Electrification is only one trend that will affect car manufacturers in the medium term. For example, demographic changes such as population growth, ageing and urbanisation could profoundly impact the demand for private cars in the future, by increasing the number of people unable or unwilling to choose conventional ownership. The efforts of major cities to improve quality of life for their citizens, by improving air quality and reduce noise, is likely to provide a strong stimulus for new mobility models such as car clubs. These trends are likely to be accelerated by advances in vehicle automation, as electric autonomous vehicles are likely to offer low cost, highly convenient alternatives to car ownership and even to conventional public transport. Finally, beyond the transport sector, the wider energy system is undergoing rapid change, with a shift from large centralised generation to renewable (but intermittent) generation, which presents new challenges for meeting peak energy demands and managing the network. This in turn creates opportunities for new technologies, such as grid scale batteries or electric vehicles, to support the management of a more volatile energy supply and secure revenues for their owners by doing so. The presentation will speak about the opportunities for new products and services that will be created by the trends above. 

Presentation title TBC - GreenMobility

Anders Wall - GreenMobility A/S

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Presentation title TBC - Hewitt Studios

John Hewitt - Hewitt Studios LLP

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Sofware first approach for energy storage & management

Alex Collet - ION Energy

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Presentation Title TBC - KPMG

Christoph Domke - KPMG

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Robotics-enabled Conductive Extreme Fast Charging for Multi-chemistry Battery Electric Vehicles and AEVs

Kevin Leary - PowerHydrant

PowerHydrant charges AEVs autonomously - but there is more. PowerHydrant also enables efficient extreme fast charging (XFC) and improves fleet charging operational effectiveness by removing human factors and constraints from any EV and AEV charging scenario. Utilizing advanced 3D sensing and Augmented Reality techniques and enabled by commoditized smartphone components, PowerHydrant is a low-cost and robust solution with extremely low electrical source resistance between EVSE and target vehicle. PowerHydrant is effective from 3.3 kW to 1.6 MW and beyond. 

Presentation title TBC - TomTom

Louis Debatte-Monroy - TomTom

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Efficient solutions to drive electric mobility forward. Smart charging infrastructure wherever there is electricity

Knut Hechtfischer - ubitricity

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 Program Advisory Board

Bob Moran
Department for Transport (DfT)

Celine Cluzel
Element Energy

Colin Herron
Zero Carbon Futures

James Carter
Vision Mobility

Lash Sarana
Electric Zoo

Malcolm Earp
The Ultimate Battery Company

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