Two days, over 30 inspiring presentations

The TaaS Technology team are currently shortlisting the speakers to invite for the 2019 conference. To view the 2018 event details, click here.

The presentations will be based around our key topics which collectively provide complete coverage of the EVs, Battery/Energy and Infrastructure industries. If you are interested in speaking, please contact or call +44 (0)24 76718970

Key topics covered

a. Range anxiety

b. Charge downtime

c. Peak demand

a. Battery characterisation, cell to module pack and system performance

b. Lithium battery development

c. Next-gen battery chemistry

d. Manufacturing scale-up for the future EV demand

e. End of life and recycling

f. Battery and EV testing

g. Energy management and storage

a. BEV’s – what can we learn from China?

b. HEVs - next-Gen powertrain technologies

c. Commercial fleet, truck & bus electrification

d. AEVs - The challenges and opportunities

a. EV charging infrastructure coverage and speed

b. Integration of AEVs into Smart City Travel

c. Charging and AEV’s

d. New technologies

e. The new supply chain

a. Keeping pace with demand

b. Smoothing peak demand / home power

a. Future battery design

b. Designing the vehicle around the battery

c. AV’s and the impact on design

d. Shared ownership implications

a. Customer engagement and the transition from ICE vehicles

b. The Roles of potential new players – lessons from China and USA

c. Maintenance and repair

d. Supporting financial infrastructure

e. AEV support services

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The must attend conference for all professionals involved within the CAV & TaaS industry.