The Mobility Blockchain Conference brings together a diverse array of speakers, including industry experts, blockchain innovators, mobility advocates, technology pioneers, data privacy specialists, and V2X and vehicle safety experts, to share their insights on the intersections of blockchain, automotive, and mobility technologies. These speakers collectively provide comprehensive knowledge on enhancing data security, fostering sustainability, advancing technological innovations, and ensuring user and vehicle privacy, making this event invaluable for those invested in the future of the automotive and mobility sectors.

Speakers are being identified and invited to be a part of the event. If you would like to be considered for a speaking role at the event, please email info@taas.technology.


Peter Busch

Robert Bosch Group

Peter works for Mobility Strategy of the Bosch Group on connectivity strategies for the Mobility Business Units as Global Product Owner Distributed Ledger Technologies.

He has 35+ years of experience in several IT roles and holds a university degree in Business Informatics and worked for his own SW Startup, JP Morgan, Sun Microsystems and the Robert Bosch Group.

His interests are all IoT-, AI- and agent technologies, leads a 20+ million publicly funded Decentralization project for the future highly connected traffic and is Co-Founder and Chair of the Fetch.AI Foundation.

Trust as the Key Concept in Future Mobility

The Internet and consequently the Internet of Things were built without a trust layer. Decentralized Digital Identities and other Web3 technologies may be one of the needed missing components to implement real data sovereignty and a trusted Economy of Things in future IoT (and consequently in Metaverse) scenarios. This will be showcased with some actual use cases from the mobility industry where Bosch plays a leading role.

Steve 'Joe' Ratheram


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Matthew Fontana


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Trustless mobility data streaming with P2P and Blockchain technologies

In the evolving landscape of mobility, the need for real-time, trustless data communication is paramount. By leveraging P2P and blockchain technologies, we can ensure seamless and secure data streaming from the source with a data stack that is owned by, and working for its drivers.

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